Bosnia 2009

Projects in this war-ravaged area included finishing off a newly built house for a war widow and refurbishing an IT suite at the local secondary school, complete with ten brand new computers. When the school reopened in 1995 there were only 14 children left on the school register following the massacre and the mass exodus of refugees from Srebrenica.

Following the trip, William Hague said:

“This has been an extremely moving and positive project. 14 years have passed since the horrific violence which took the lives of 8,000 men and boys in Srebrenica, but the work of rebuilding homes, lives and a way of life in Srebrenica is still not complete. I’m proud of the small contribution that the Conservative Party has been able to make towards that goal through Project Maja.

“Bosnia-Herzegovina as a country is still tilting uncertainly between its past and its future and could slip backwards without sustained international attention. Now more than ever it is vital that the international community does not forget Bosnia or turn away from it before it is firmly on the track to lasting stability and membership of the European Union.

“Entrenching stability in Bosnia and setting it irreversibly on the path to EU membership is a major test of what the EU can accomplish in foreign affairs; a test it cannot afford to fail.”